National School Counseling Week: Mrs. Maxey

First up for our feature on our Counseling Team is Mrs. Sandra Maxey. This is her first year to join the Carthage High School Counseling team, but she plays vital role in helping our students! 

Mrs. Maxey earned her Associates from Panola College and then went on to Stephen F. Austin University for her Bachelors. She also holds two Master’s degrees from Lamar University, one in Education in Administration and one in Education in Counseling. 

Mrs. Maxey says she has always loved learning, and wanted to inspire others to ask questions and make new discoveries, which is what lead her to being in education. 

“For me, what is most rewarding is having a chance to help our students,” Mrs. Maxey shared. “And working with great people! I believe that I have always been a teacher and counselor, and now, I get to do both!” 

Here is one of Mrs. Maxey’s favorite stories from being in education: 
“One year, I was teaching Touch Systems Data (Keyboarding) and Speech, as well as my English courses in a small, rural school. In the town, where I taught, there was an Alzheimer's facility, so I decided to create a project where my TSD students would create cards, calendars, letters, etc. and my Speech students would work on interpersonal and intrapersonal skills by having dialogue with the patients and learn non-verbal skills, such as body language to better understand the world in which the patients resided. The patients responded positively to the interactions and some of the students continued to visit the facility during the summer. Ten years later, I found out that three of my girls had become nurses and they all were all working in geriatrics. My heart was full that day.”