National School Counseling Week: Mrs. Royce

Today we are pleased to feature the next member of our Counseling Team: Mrs. Shannon Royce! This year Mrs. Royce is the freshman and junior class counselor. 

Mrs. Royce earned her associate degree from Panola and then earned her bachelor’s degree from Stephen F. Austin University. Later, she earned her master’s degree in School Counseling from S.F.A. as well.

Mrs. Royce shared that she was drawn to education because of her love for children and felt it was a great profession to work in, while still having time for her own children.

“I love the fact that I work in the same district that I attended and where my children have gone to school,” shared Mrs. Royce. “I love that I have been here long enough to have ‘grand-students’ - meaning I taught the parent AND their child. Being a lifelong Bulldog, I feel connected to my school and my community, but most especially to my students. They are ‘my kids’.”

Mrs. Royce feels strongly that the work being done in the counselor’s office is helping to prepare the students for the real world. “I really feel that we have an opportunity at the high school to make a difference in the lives of our students,” she said. “As hard as last year was on everyone, I loved being a part of my seniors graduation. It was so rewarding helping them make plans for life after high school and celebrating their successes.”

“When I was working toward my master's degree, one of my professors had me draw myself in my "dream" position,” said Mrs. Royce. “ I drew myself at Paula Carter's desk who was the counselor that retired to open the position that I have today. I hope that serves as a motivation for kids...dream big and then work hard to make the dream a reality.”